About ACDO


Name of the Organization

African Community Development organization



Established Date

Oct, 2010

Place of establishment


Banaadir – Mogadishu

Bay& Bakool and Middle Juba region – Somalia

Registered with federal ministry of internal affairs, Ministry of planning and international cooperation of Jubbaland state as well as the ministry of internal affairs of Interim south west state of Bay and Bakool, regional administration.

Type of the Organization

Non-governmental & Non-Profit making , Non-political organization

Area of Operations

Banadir, Middle Jubba and South central regions of Somalia

Physical & Contact Address

Head office: Mogadisho | Banaadir | region| Somalia|

Branch Offices: Baidoa, Hudur, Wajid, Bu`aale and Dinsor.

Mobile: +252613646502

Email: [email protected]

Email: [email protected]

Web site: www.acdorganization.org



African Community Development Organization (ACDO) is one of the National Non-Governmental Organizations registered and working in Somalia. It is non-profit making and non- political organization focusing on participation and partnerships thus contributing to the relief of human suffering by offering appropriate solutions to the humanitarian catastrophe in Somalia.

ACDO was founded in 2010 in Mogadishu district Banadir region Somalia by a group of Somali intellectuals who placed their views, ideas, knowledge and strength jointly in order to serve the Somali vulnerable populations who live under abject poverty, insecurity and illiteracy. The headquarter of the organization is in Mogadishu district and has other branch office in Baidoa, Dinsor and Kismayo districts as well as liaison offices in Nairobi.