Core Values and Objectives

ACDO Objectives

  • To respond to the local communities’ emergency humanitarian concerns in order to reduce preventable mortality and morbidity among the vulnerable populations in Somalia.

  • To support the Somali communities living in Somalia to access primary education.

  • To draw the attention of the International Humanitarian Community to the local communities humanitarian priority concerns for their information and intervention.

  • To raise the local communities’ awareness on the available local resources utilization and best practices so that they can solve their own problems that are within their influence.

  • To advocate for peaceful co-existence and non discrimination among the communities living in the region

  • To extend health and nutrition values to the communities.

Our Core Values

Our core values include;

  • Making operational decisions together

  • Transparency and accountability

  • Delivering on expectations (priorities) and maintaining quality

  • Working with credible staff and partners

  • Being easy to be contacted and demonstrably responsive

  • Respect for Human Rights